San Francisco Building - Copacabana

Design, construction, promotion and sale of the San Francisco housing project in the municipality of Copacabana, Antioquia. Project in its entirety of Teca Engineering.

Mirador de San Francisco - Guarne

Execution of the most important real estate project in the municipality of Guarne, Mirador de San Francisco. For Club Builders.

IPS San Esteban

Execution of the corresponding civil works for the operation of IPS San Esteban in the corregimiento of San Cristóbal, Medellín. For the IPS San Esteban.


Structural Filing San José

Hydrological study of the La Maní del Cardal river basin, which borders the San José lot, soil study, geotechnical and design of the structural full designed as exploitation dump. Project located in the municipality of Caldas, Antioquia, for the SAS Projects entity.

Solla Exchange

Studies and designs of the aqueduct networks, driving Manantiales – Pedregal, sewerage, energy, public lighting, telecommunications and the Wood Road Interchange gas. For the Municipality of Bello, Bello.

Apartment-Hotel building and parking Pietermaii Park and Mall

Hydro sanitary and structural designs for the Apartment-hotel building and parking Pietermaii Park and Mall. For Monarca S.A., Curaçao.


Project in which the geometric design of the internal and hydraulic track of the sewerage and pluvial networks in eastern Antioquia was carried out for Ubicca construction company SAS.

Archeology Program

Conduct the studies of the Preventive Archeology Program and the formulation of the Archaeological Management Plan, through a diagnostic evaluation of the properties where the projects will be developed:

  • Second Road 34 Avenue between El Poblado Avenue and Las Palmas, section 3.
  • Prolongation Race 15 (San Lucas – San Marcos de la Sierra).
  • Improvement Loma Los Mangos.

11 Urban Walks

Hydro sanitary designs, drainages, structural solutions and advice during the construction of 11 urban walks (street 74, bridge 70, Dove de Octubre, street 30, avenue 68, El Triunfo, El Mirador, El Progreso, Patio Bonito, Santa Teresa and Plaza de Ferias). For the EDU, Medellín.

Aguadulce Industrial Port Container Terminal

design of the aqueduct, sewage, drainage and fire networks and definition of the levels of the Container Terminal of the Aguadulce Industrial Port. For Royal Haskoning – Carinsa S.A., Buenaventura.

Malecón Barranquilla

Review of the design and hydraulic redesign of the sewage system for the Malecón Project, space, industrial and port district of Barranquilla, department of Atlántico. For Consorcio Malecón SIAPE.

Stream La Valeria

Project in which the sewage design of domestic wastewater and drainage of rainwater was carried out, the lane La Valeria in the municipality of Caldas, Antioquia. For the Mayor of Caldas.

Argos mining titles

Consulting to extract the information of mining titles that will be consolidated from the GTM system and the one supplied in several Excel files, generation of general and detailed maps of the location of the mining titles related to the client’s business.

Urban rides Street 52 Carabobo and Cundinamarca

Design of the aqueduct, sewer and advisory networks during the construction of the urban rides Carrera 52 Carabobo and Cundinamarca, between the streets 53F and 82 and of the 10th street between Streets 43A and 33. For the EDU, Medellin.

Containing wall Los Parra hill

studies and designs for the management of the outcrop of water in the roundabout of La Loma Los Parra with avenue 30, for the construction of the extension of the Los Parra hill. Transversal Lower to street 29. For the Los Parra consortium.

Stream la Maria

Studies and designs of the hydraulic, structural and urban solution for rainwater collection from stream la Maria and its conduction through the channel of avenue 48 with street 54. For the Consortium Canalización LPM, Barranquilla.

Patio Bonito viewpoint

Designs of the hydro-sanitary networks and fire system network of the Patio Bonito viewpoint buildings, El Progreso centrality and Plaza de Ferias. For the EDU, Medellin.

Stream la Volcana

Verification and modeling of hydraulic capacity of the ravines in the sections to intervene in the project “Overpass of the lower transversal with the González hill”.


Design and construction of the aqueduct, sewerage, gas networks, PTA treatment plant, WWTP wastewater treatment plant, as well as the goal, indoorcinema and urban planning of the Bramasole subdivision, in the municipality of Envigado.

Structural Filing Cano

Hydrological, topographic, geotechnical, hydraulic design and modeling of the trough that crosses part of the property of the estate of Mr. Orlando Maya Echeverry, in order to return this to its original channel with an open channel, in the municipality of Caldas Antioquia. For the entity Deposit 50.

Stream la Olleta

hydrological and hydraulic studies and designs of the La Olleta creek for the construction of the extension of Loma Los Parra, Lower Transversal to Carrera 29. For the Los Parra Consortium, Medellin.

Senderos de El Retiro Condominium

Design and consultancy of the aqueduct, wastewater and rainfall networks of the Condominium project Senderos de El Retiro – Construction company San Esteban.

Stream la Sucia

Verification and modeling of hydraulic capacity of the ravines in the sections to intervene in the Project “Passage of the lower transversal with the hill of González”.

La Dalia Viewpoint

Design of aqueduct networks, sanitary and rainwater sewers for the Mirador de La Dalia urban project, located in the municipality of Marinilla, Antioquia, for the ASESBIEN SAS entity.

Hydro sanitary designs

Hydrosanitary designs for the Hogar San José, Torre Odonata, Torre Alondra and IPS Comfama buildings. For Monarca S.A., Sabaneta.

Projects in the environmental, civil and hydraulic engineering area

  • Design for the stabilization of the north slope of the Loma de Los Balsos road – Serrano road interchange for the El Poblado road consortium.
  • Design of a retaining wall for the support of the south roadway of a section of the Loma Los Parra road for the El Poblado Road Consortium.
  • Environmental audit for the construction of the Vía Distribuidora. (Zúñiga Consortium).
  • Studies and designs of recruitment, adduction, PTA and driving to the urban area of ​​Yopal. (CHS S.A)
  • Update of EPM aqueduct and sewerage construction standards. (CHS S.A.)
  • Optimization of the washing system, studies and designs of a STAR of the METSO crusher (450 ton / h), and optimization of pumping systems and pilot plant.
  • Adaptation of the Trunk Av. Suba Section 1 of Transmilenio and hydraulic works, between street 80 and the Rionegro Canal and hydraulic works. (CHS S.A.).
  • Supervision of studies and design of the reservoir Los Besotes, Emdupar. (CHS S.A.)
  • Design and advice during the construction of the Tunnel Boquerón (4.5 Km). (CHS S.A.)
  • PTA design of 2 m3 / s, with two modules of 1 m3 / s, one for the city of Higuey and another for the cities of Bávaro and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. (CHS S.A.).
  • Supervision of the designs of a PTA of 600 l / s, for Samaná, Dominican Republic. (CHS S.A.).
  • Solution design to affect the meander of the Sumapaz river on the Bogotá – Melgar road. (CHS S.A.).

Projects in the area of geographical information systems

  • Updating of the land registry of aqueduct, sewerage and service networks, in the areas served by the Metropolitan Management Waters of EPM and the urban area of El Retiro municipality. (CHS S.A.).
  • Development of an Urban Infrastructure Management System (IMS) for the city of Miami Beach, Florida US. (CDM – CHS S.A.).
  • Conversion of sanitation, drainage and aqueduct networks, technical support and systems functions, ABI-KAMLOOPS, British Columbia, Canada. (Agra Baymont – CHS S.A.).
  • Development of SIGMA projects for EPM (aqueduct, sewerage, energy and telecommunications networks). (CHS S.A.).
  • Updating and maintenance of the aqueduct network land registry for EPM Bogotá Waters in its zones 3 and 4. (CHS S.A.).
  • Orth rectification, digitization and automatic generation of contour lines for the plots: Santo Domingo, Finca Ayumbo, Finca Sumapaz, Finca Taraza and Finca la Siria.