Applied engineering is composed of multiple areas of action, TECA Ingeniería brings together most of these areas and provides services in all its phases. Among connoisseurs TECA is considered the queen of the woods for its quality, and its name is established as the acronym of the words Technology, Evolution, Science and Environment, key words for the definition of our company, where the principles of the engineering with constant evolution and preservation of the environment, essential elements to achieve sustainability engineering.

TECA Ingeniería specializes in the provision of design, consulting, construction and auditing services, mainly in the areas of civil, sanitary, hydraulic, environmental and geographic information systems. All of them developed with competent personnel, in multiple languages ​​such as Spanish, English and Portuguese, with the application of national and international norms and standards.


To be recognized in 2021 as one of the most influential engineering companies in the region, promoting ethical values and a unique work style, which will lead us to excellence, not only as a company but also as human beings and professionals.


We are an engineering company with global projection, oriented to sustainability, safety, health, continuous improvement and the satisfaction of our customers, with a great human team that combines technology with evolution that seeks the best solutions always articulated with the environment, complying with legal requirements and national and international standards, focused on the development of our mission and vision.


  • Provide a service that meets the needs and expectations of the client, complying with legal, regulatory and negotiation requirements.
  • Guarantee the competence and suitability of the staff in the provision of our services.
  • To promote a safe, healthy and productive work environment, by promoting a culture of self-management and cooperation of the interested parties within our Integrated Management System.
  • Link and maintain the interested parties in the processes that are carried out in our company, guaranteeing the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.

We develop and innovate in applied engineering services

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